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Stardust Pet Collar

Stardust Pet Collar

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Very Vintage Designs Pet Collar

Stardust Design - stars/multicolor

These durable pet collars feature all 100% organic cotton fabric with the funnest designs for your furry family members. They come in sizes ranging from XS-XL so can fit any range of dog as well as cats, are machine washable and made in the USA with all USA made components.

***** Please see the last image to determine the correct size for your special pet.

About the company:

Very Vintage Designs is a company based out of California and is the brain child of a little girl that never wanted to grow up in the big bad world! She loves anything vintage and whimsical and all her pet items are inspired by this love!

 Because of her love for pets, she always wanted to do something with animals! She has three dogs of her own and is always scouring for unique collars. Having found nothing to satisfy her taste, she developed her own line of Very Vintage™ organic cotton dog collars.

Now, why organic cotton? This is the world’s most durable natural fiber. These collars are strong and are great for the environment. She loves being able to use Green and Organic materials to incorporate into her creations and better serve the environment in the process!

 These pet collars are truly different than anything around in stores or online. Underneath these adorable fabrics is their trademark organic cotton webbing. They are then adorned with antique brass hardware, which is the perfect complement to these vintage and retro style fabrics. The company also pays the utmost attention to detail in the sewing process, so you are guaranteed to get a professional, quality and also environmentally friendly collar for your furry friend!