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Probiotic Deodorant No. 2

Probiotic Deodorant No. 2

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Probiotic Deodorant No. 2 - lemongrass, bergamot & orange essential oils.

This deodorant is made with 100% all natural ingredients. Many deodorants bought over the counter contain harmful chemicals, metals, and pesticides. These chemicals can cause damage to the nervous system, liver and heart, and have been linked to Alzheimer's disease and breast cancer. Metals, specifically, aluminum-compounds have been added to deodorants to act as antiperspirants in order to suppress sweat glands. Additionally, this causes further damage as it is necessary for our bodies to sweat in order to rid itself of toxins. Researchers at the Lab of Microbial Ecology and Technology at the University of Ghent (Belgium) also found that antiperspirants alter your body's bacteria and can make you smell even worse.


Deodorants are made and used to eliminate body odor. Body odor is produced when sweat comes into contact with the bacteria on our skin. As sweat is essentially odorless, deodorants are designed to kill the bacteria on the skin in order to prevent unwanted smells. However, any microbiologist will tell you that not all bacteria is bad. In fact, the body and skin carries with it "good" bacteria to help keep it's defenses in check. This is where the probiotics come in.

Coconut oil and lemon essential oil act as antibacterials while tea tree as been added for it's antifungal properties. Aluminum free baking soda and organic arrowroot are used to absorb moisture. Probiotics, the real star of the show, are added to balance out your bodies bacteria. Even though you can't see them, it's really important to maintain that symbiotic relationship between your skin and it's microorganisms.


Use a pea-sized amount and apply to underarms in the morning. Apply once daily (twice if necessary). If transitioning from commercial or chemical products, allow your body three to four weeks to detox. While most people feel comfortable applying deodorant daily, I suggest going deodorant free one or two days a week.


coconut oil, raw shea butter, raw mango butter, Vitamin E oil, aluminum-free sodium bicarbonate, arrowroot powder, probiotics, lemongrass, bergamot & orange essential oil


  • Deodorant cream comes in a 2 oz. glass jar. Please, recycle or reuse when finished.

  • Made by Silver Market Co. in West Virginia.