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The Sawbones Book - Signed Paperback

The Sawbones Book - Signed Paperback

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The Sawbones Book: The Horrifying, Hilarious Road to Modern Medicine

By: Sydnee McElroy and Justin McElroy

Illustrated by: Teylor Smirl

****Want a signed copy of The Sawbones Book from Sydnee and Justin?  Preorder one today.  As soon as they are in shop, the entire order will ship.  If you choose local pickup, everything but this book will be available for curbside pickup the next business day the shop is open.*****    

New for 2020! Join the 750,000 listeners of the Sawbones Podcast as Dr Sydnee McElroy and her husband Justin humorously discuss centuries of medical myths, mishaps and mayhem, including modern day medicine and pandemics.

Newly revised and updated for 2020, this new Paperback edition of the bestselling Sawbones Book gives you a fascinating, horrifying, funny and memorable tour through centuries of medical experimentation and practice (and sometimes malpractice). Learn about trepanation, the COVID-19 pandemic, Norovirus, Chickenpox, Diabetes, and more, all inspired by Sawbones 300+ podcast episodes.

Wondering whether eating powdered mummies might be just the thing to cure your ills? Tempted by those vintage ads suggesting you wear radioactive underpants for virility? Ever considered drilling a hole in your head to deal with those pesky headaches? Probably not! But for thousands of years, people have done things like this—and things that make radioactive underpants seem downright sensible! In their hit podcast, Sawbones, Sydnee and Justin McElroy breakdown the weird and wonderful way we got to modern healthcare . . . and some of the terrifying detours along the way.

Every week, Dr. Sydnee McElroy and her husband Justin amaze, amuse, and gross out (depending on the week) hundreds of thousands of avid listeners to their podcast, Sawbones. Consistently rated a top podcast on iTunes, with over 15 million total downloads, this rollicking journey through thousands of years of medical mishaps and miracles is not only hilarious but downright educational. While you may never even consider applying  boiled weasel to your forehead (once the height of sophistication when it came to headache cures), you will almost certainly face some questionable medical advice in your everyday life (we’re looking at you, raw water!) and be better able to figure out if this is a miracle cure (it’s not) or a scam.

As a fun side note, Justin is Abby's incredibly talented stepbrother that hails from the great Huntington, West Virginia.  By purchasing one of these books, you are supporting local creatives that are basically famous on top of supporting a local, small, women owned Appalachian social enterprise.


  • Publisher: Weldon Owen (December 29, 2020)
  • Length: 232 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781681886510