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Botanical Eye Face Serum

Botanical Eye Face Serum

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Botanical Eye & Face Serum

The Botanical Eye + Face Serum is formulated with ingredients rich in vitamins and acids that penetrate deep into the skin to help repair and correct damaged skin from aging, sun, and hormones. The serum is made up of a blend of oils that control bacteria on the skin's surface, reduces redness caused by inflammation, fade discoloration, and plumps the skin resulting in finer lines and wrinkles. Serums have some hydrating properties, but are best followed up by a humectant such as aloe for a natural routine. See our product Hydrating Aloe Face Mist for additional moisture.


Apply a few drops of serum directly to skin and gently massage in with clean fingers. Work serum into T-zone, eyes and mouth, and don't forget the neck! If you have a 0.35 oz roller bottle sized serum, you can use the dropper to refill roller bottle. Simply pop the plastic cap off with a butter knife, refill, and re-cap. 

Serum can be used daily, morning or night. Serum is best applied after toner, and before moisturizer.


buriti oil, organic rosehip, organic avocado, organic sweet almond oil, Vitamin E, organic jasmine & geranium essential oil.


Product comes in .35 oz glass roller bottle.

Made by Silver Market Co. in West Virginia.