Tuft Woolens Soap

Tuft Woolens Soap

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Tuft Woolens

Small Batch Soap

  • Autumn Berry - w/poppy seeds

  • Royal Apiary - floral

  • Mossy Woods - walnut shells

  • Unfragranced - Sock soap that can be used on skin

  • Royal Apiary - Sock soap/bath bar with no added exfoliate florals

The soaps listed as sock soap have no added exfoliate pieces so they are safe to use on skin or for delicate item washes such as wool. Ingredients are listed in the images.

About the Company:

Tuft Woolens founder and head maker is Martha Tremblay. She first discovered her love for making as a young girl when her mother, a master knitter, fostered her creativity in all forms. Over 12 years experience in the cosmetic industry made her realize that making her own products enabled her to satisfy her creativity, while giving her the freedom to control the quality of ingredients. She began to develop a product free of the chemical and cheap perfumes found in most washes and soaps and voila! Tuft Woolens was born. Her husband soon joined her and they make each bar of soap by hand in their log cabin home studio tucked in the hills of Southern Ohio in Scioto County.